August 2012

And here’s what he looked like. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Louis Vuitton appears to be targeting a new demographic: the well-heeled Cthulhu cultist. Must investigate further. But at those prices, who can afford to?

Now they’ve done it. People keep taking those tabs with the invisible ink messages to call Cthulhu. The High Priest of the Old Ones becomes more powerful — and more enraged that the neighborhood kids just don’t seem to get it.

One crafty investigator checked out his hunch after passing this apparently child-friendly avatar of Cthulhu posted on a tree in his neighborhood. A phone number was written on the white tabs in invisible ink. He called the number and left a voice message. When a cultist called back, he had a very difficult decision to make: would he answer the call of Cthulhu?

The cargo cults of the Far East have penetrated the inner sanctum of my local sushi restaurant. Dagon presided over the front counter.