Cthulhu art

Cthulhu took a wrong turn at the Miskatonic. Now the townspeople are nervous.


Feeding Cthulhu was bad enough. The diaper changes were enough to make your skin crawl.

Source: google.com via Rusty on Pinterest

Seriously, he’s all messed up.

You turn a corner and before you stands Cthulhu, High Priest of the Old Ones. You have no choice but to fight it with your sword.


(Oh hell. You’re dead. Don’t even bother rolling the dice. Tear out this page and eat it. Burn this book. Check yourself into your nearest mental health facility).

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In consolation, a lot of Republicans think Obama is some kind of otherworldly demon that will usher in the apocalypse. In a sense, the electorate is just getting softened up for an eventual Cthulhu campaign win.

I quite like this campaign image for Cthulhu in Election 2012.

Source: cafepress.com via Ed on Pinterest

This could take some getting used to.

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